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Date Word Listen Votes
2008-04-09 politician [en] politician pronunciation -1 votes
2008-04-09 Higgs boson [en] Higgs boson pronunciation votes
2008-04-09 Lamer [en] Lamer pronunciation votes
2008-04-09 snack [en] snack pronunciation votes
2008-04-09 hypotheses [en] hypotheses pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-04-09 shampoo [en] shampoo pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-04-09 Ubuntu [en] Ubuntu pronunciation 4 votes Best pronunciation
2008-04-09 router (US pronunciation) [en] router (US pronunciation) pronunciation -1 votes
2008-04-04 Gizmodo [en] Gizmodo pronunciation votes
2008-04-04 TEMPLATE [en] TEMPLATE pronunciation -1 votes
2008-04-04 incorrigible [en] incorrigible pronunciation votes
2008-04-04 two [en] two pronunciation 4 votes
2008-04-04 mouse [en] mouse pronunciation 7 votes Best pronunciation
2008-04-04 Technorati [en] Technorati pronunciation votes
2008-04-04 cowed [en] cowed pronunciation votes
2008-04-04 focused [en] focused pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2008-04-04 default [en] default pronunciation votes
2008-04-04 comparable [en] comparable pronunciation 3 votes Best pronunciation
2008-04-04 Niagara [en] Niagara pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-04-04 Alberta [en] Alberta pronunciation votes
2008-04-04 margin [en] margin pronunciation 3 votes Best pronunciation
2008-04-04 Arkansas [en] Arkansas pronunciation 2 votes
2008-04-04 Kansas [en] Kansas pronunciation votes
2008-04-04 NOFX [en] NOFX pronunciation votes
2008-04-03 rofl [en] rofl pronunciation 1 votes
2008-04-03 wintry [en] wintry pronunciation votes
2008-04-03 heretofore [en] heretofore pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-04-03 oeuvre [en] oeuvre pronunciation votes
2008-04-03 quaternion [en] quaternion pronunciation votes
2008-04-03 Charlotte Brontë [en] Charlotte Brontë pronunciation votes

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