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2011-03-12 puutteellinen [fi] puutteellinen pronunciation By ppaa
2011-02-19 hävytöntä [fi] hävytöntä pronunciation By Mustavaris
2011-02-19 Hölynpölyä [fi] Hölynpölyä pronunciation By Mustavaris
2011-02-19 bløtt [no] bløtt pronunciation By chosesdites
2011-02-08 ohjelmoija [fi] ohjelmoija pronunciation By naalamies
2010-09-01 kokardi [fi] kokardi pronunciation By Sandels
2010-08-22 метелик [uk] метелик pronunciation By Takuboku
2010-04-29 бутират [ru] бутират pronunciation 0 votes
2010-04-29 коаксил [ru] коаксил pronunciation 0 votes
2010-04-28 галоперидол [ru] галоперидол pronunciation 0 votes
2010-04-22 Шушары [ru] Шушары pronunciation 0 votes
2010-04-22 Мкртчан [ru] Мкртчан pronunciation 0 votes
2010-04-21 Kielivoimistelua [fi] Kielivoimistelua pronunciation By JoyJoy
2010-04-15 Hanget [fi] Hanget pronunciation By sakvaka
2010-04-15 обводный [ru] обводный pronunciation 0 votes
2010-04-15 поребрик [ru] поребрик pronunciation By AndreyAndrey
2010-04-15 вехотка [ru] вехотка pronunciation 0 votes
2010-04-15 гача [ru] гача pronunciation 0 votes
2010-04-14 täytyy [fi] täytyy pronunciation By JoyJoy
2010-04-12 Катынь [ru] Катынь pronunciation 0 votes
2010-04-08 punaviinimarja [fi] punaviinimarja pronunciation By JoyJoy
2010-04-08 kuljetaan [fi] kuljetaan pronunciation By JoyJoy
2010-04-08 lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaan [fi] lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaan pronunciation By sakvaka
2010-04-08 punaviinimarjamehupullolaatikko [fi] punaviinimarjamehupullolaatikko pronunciation By JoyJoy
2010-04-08 brändi [fi] brändi pronunciation By JoyJoy

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