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2014-09-12 caramel mou [fr] caramel mou pronunciation By spl0uf
2014-09-12 entre à point [fr] entre à point pronunciation By spl0uf
2014-09-04 Coteaux Varois en Provence [fr] Coteaux Varois en Provence pronunciation By spl0uf
2014-09-03 néflier du Japon [fr] néflier du Japon pronunciation By MystOgriff
2014-09-03 voguent [fr] voguent pronunciation By MystOgriff
2014-07-11 mes ancêtres [fr] mes ancêtres pronunciation By Mimich6120
2014-06-17 Le Mas du Coupétadou [fr] Le Mas du Coupétadou pronunciation By Pat91
2014-05-26 cornuelle [fr] cornuelle pronunciation By nicoOla
2014-05-26 La Pointe Courte [fr] La Pointe Courte pronunciation By nicoOla
2014-05-25 maître de requêtes [fr] maître de requêtes pronunciation By nicoOla
2014-05-17 Cabécou du Périgord [fr] Cabécou du Périgord pronunciation By pacproduct
2014-05-04 Lorenzo de' Medici [fr] Lorenzo de' Medici pronunciation By nicoOla
2014-04-21 Sauce Soubise [fr] Sauce Soubise pronunciation By Pat91
2014-04-20 Hôpital Necker [fr] Hôpital Necker pronunciation By Pat91
2014-04-20 Huître - huit [fr] Huître - huit pronunciation By lafeedesbois
2014-04-20 vingt - vin [fr] vingt - vin pronunciation By billybrown
2014-04-20 Musée Cognacq-Jay [fr] Musée Cognacq-Jay pronunciation By Tabilalt
2014-04-18 glaçons [fr] glaçons pronunciation By Tabilalt
2014-04-16 congestion pulmonaire [fr] congestion pulmonaire pronunciation By Pat91
2014-04-10 indisponible [fr] indisponible pronunciation By Pat91
2014-04-10 menu dégustation [fr] menu dégustation pronunciation By wutteh
2014-04-06 Verteuil-sur-Charente [fr] Verteuil-sur-Charente pronunciation By FrenchForAll
2014-03-26 Cognaçais [fr] Cognaçais pronunciation By Pat91
2014-03-13 Gui Gedda [fr] Gui Gedda pronunciation By Pat91
2014-03-07 Filet de Saint Pierre [fr] Filet de Saint Pierre pronunciation By motamo
2014-02-24 infirmière en chirurgie [fr] infirmière en chirurgie pronunciation By Stockholm77
2014-02-23 kir royal [fr] kir royal pronunciation By Pat91
2014-02-22 infirmière orthopédique [fr] infirmière orthopédique pronunciation By Pat91
2014-02-09 demi-bouteille [fr] demi-bouteille pronunciation By Uloomji
2014-02-09 basse température [fr] basse température pronunciation By Uloomji
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