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2012-08-16 silos [en] silos pronunciation By jez9999
2012-08-16 frontbencher [en] frontbencher pronunciation By _Chloe
2012-08-16 Threadneedle [en] Threadneedle pronunciation By _Chloe
2012-08-16 Roger Bootle [en] Roger Bootle pronunciation By _Chloe
2012-08-15 hipertensiune [ro] hipertensiune pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-15 înhumat [ro] înhumat pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-15 incriminat [ro] incriminat pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-15 promoţional [ro] promoţional pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-15 nemulţumitor [ro] nemulţumitor pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-15 interimat [ro] interimat pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-15 legionar [ro] legionar pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-15 copago [es] copago pronunciation By Anveger
2012-08-15 suministrado [es] suministrado pronunciation By matamayo
2012-08-15 teravatios [es] teravatios pronunciation By ileranerak
2012-08-15 desfase [es] desfase pronunciation By ileranerak
2012-08-15 institutionalised [en] institutionalised pronunciation By CaneNero
2012-08-15 interwar period [en] interwar period pronunciation By CaneNero
2012-08-14 chunkier [en] chunkier pronunciation By CaneNero
2012-08-13 meekly [en] meekly pronunciation By agosta
2012-08-13 mutualise [en] mutualise pronunciation By agosta
2012-08-13 disincentives [en] disincentives pronunciation By agosta
2012-08-13 incrementalism [en] incrementalism pronunciation By agosta

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