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2013-07-11 atterorizar [es] atterorizar pronunciation By chatee
2013-02-27 arcs-en-ciel [fr] arcs-en-ciel pronunciation By gatti
2012-08-19 Jérôme Bosch [fr] Jérôme Bosch pronunciation By Pat91
2012-01-15 minutieux [fr] minutieux pronunciation By Pat91
2011-09-10 s'est aimé [fr] s'est aimé pronunciation By brunett83
2011-09-06 plagiat [fr] plagiat pronunciation By FRaust
2011-07-06 étreindre [fr] étreindre pronunciation By domlc
2011-02-03 ustensiles [fr] ustensiles pronunciation By nooms
2011-01-31 couque [fr] couque pronunciation By Justyna

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