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2014-09-14 stefaans [af] stefaans pronunciation By moonunit7
2014-09-06 onalenna [xh] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-09-06 nyaniso [xh] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-09-03 mpho [xh] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-09-02 kokill [sv] kokill pronunciation By fres001
2014-09-01 mpho [zu] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-05-18 platinakort [sv] platinakort pronunciation 0 votes
2014-04-21 maggördel [sv] maggördel pronunciation By pernys32
2014-02-20 kännspak [sv] kännspak pronunciation By pernys32
2013-12-02 Villimey [is] Villimey pronunciation By Petur75
2013-06-04 salvami [it] salvami pronunciation By silviaparisini
2013-05-28 Knocknarea - Cnoc na Riabh [ga] Knocknarea - Cnoc na Riabh pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-05-28 pied horse [en] pied horse pronunciation By jecoral
2013-05-27 Hanrahan (Hiberno-English) [ga] Hanrahan (Hiberno-English) pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-05-26 Thoor Ballylee [en] Thoor Ballylee pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-05-25 Daithí [ga] Daithí pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-05-24 åttiotal [sv] åttiotal pronunciation 0 votes
2013-05-24 Fuamnach [ga] Fuamnach pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-05-24 Midhir [ga] Midhir pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-05-24 Édain [ga] Édain pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-05-24 Abhainn an Dálaigh [ga] Abhainn an Dálaigh pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-05-24 Echtge [ga] Echtge pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-05-20 Kilvarnet - Cill Bhearnada [ga] Kilvarnet - Cill Bhearnada pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-05-20 Magheraboy - An Machaire Buí [ga] Magheraboy - An Machaire Buí pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-05-20 Kidron [he] Kidron pronunciation By Inbal
2013-05-18 andrake [sv] andrake pronunciation 0 votes
2013-05-14 Robartes [en] Robartes pronunciation By Gnome
2013-02-12 Hercegovacka [sl] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2013-02-12 hercegovačka [bs] hercegovačka pronunciation By miracle07
2013-02-12 Gulobovci [sr] Gulobovci pronunciation By phnemanja
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