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2011-04-23 taotaomona [ch] taotaomona pronunciation votes
2011-04-23 Håfa ådai [ch] Håfa ådai pronunciation votes
2011-04-23 guaiya [ch] guaiya pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-01-02 clingstone [en] clingstone pronunciation votes
2010-01-02 triploid [en] triploid pronunciation votes
2010-01-02 peltate [en] peltate pronunciation votes
2010-01-02 anthracnose [en] anthracnose pronunciation votes
2010-01-02 arboriculture [en] arboriculture pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-01-02 Ternate [en] Ternate pronunciation votes
2010-01-02 palmate [en] palmate pronunciation votes
2010-01-02 revolute [en] revolute pronunciation votes
2010-01-02 polygamodioecious [en] polygamodioecious pronunciation votes
2010-01-02 Peter Straub [en] Peter Straub pronunciation votes
2010-01-02 unfulfilled [en] unfulfilled pronunciation votes
2010-01-02 softwood [en] softwood pronunciation votes
2010-01-02 scaly [en] scaly pronunciation votes
2010-01-02 winona rider [en] winona rider pronunciation votes
2010-01-02 accomplice [en] accomplice pronunciation 2 votes

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My main language is English. I live in Southern California. My accent is Western United States. I'm considered as not having much of an accent at all to others who live in the United States. Thus my pronunciation of English words is considered the "norm" for American Pronunciation. I travel to Wales often, as my fiance is Welsh, and I also love the Welsh language. Other Interests: Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Japanese. I've also lived in Washington, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. I'm a full time college student, and I do extensive research when it comes to pronouncing words. For Ex: Cynwyd- a town in Pennsylvania. A Welsh word, from Welsh Quakers back in the 1700s. Pronounced Properly sounds like "Kuh-new-ud" in English. C= CH or K sounding, in this case for us "K" sounding. Y="u" as in "run" and W="oo" as in "wood". Many people in PA pronounce it wrong. Some like "Sinwid" some like "kenwood", it's "Kuh-new-uhd". Verified this with a Welsh man. :) I will always go above and beyond to find you the right pronunciations for anything in English. Even though this was a Welsh name in America. :)

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