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2009-09-22 begrudge [en] begrudge pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2008-11-23 maintain [en] maintain pronunciation 1 votes
2008-11-21 muon [en] muon pronunciation votes
2008-11-18 Statue [en] Statue pronunciation 6 votes Best pronunciation
2008-11-17 causal [en] causal pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-11-17 comestible [en] comestible pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-11-17 clothing [en] clothing pronunciation 1 votes
2008-11-17 encomium [en] encomium pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-11-17 comity [en] comity pronunciation votes
2008-11-17 cotillion [en] cotillion pronunciation votes
2008-11-17 reign [en] reign pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2008-11-17 register [en] register pronunciation 5 votes Best pronunciation
2008-11-15 Wampanoag [en] Wampanoag pronunciation votes
2008-11-15 Neal Cassady [en] Neal Cassady pronunciation votes
2008-11-15 palatable [en] palatable pronunciation 3 votes Best pronunciation
2008-11-15 arduously [en] arduously pronunciation votes
2008-11-15 precognition [en] precognition pronunciation votes
2008-11-15 trauma [en] trauma pronunciation 4 votes Best pronunciation
2008-11-14 butterfly [en] butterfly pronunciation 1 votes
2008-11-14 mortage [en] mortage pronunciation votes
2008-11-14 liabilities [en] liabilities pronunciation votes
2008-11-14 orchids [en] orchids pronunciation votes
2008-11-13 designation [en] designation pronunciation votes
2008-11-13 pollack [en] pollack pronunciation votes
2008-11-13 scissor-tail rasbora [en] scissor-tail rasbora pronunciation votes
2008-11-13 Amerindian [en] Amerindian pronunciation votes
2008-11-13 Gene Simmons [en] Gene Simmons pronunciation votes
2008-11-13 rasbora [en] rasbora pronunciation votes
2008-11-07 janitorial [en] janitorial pronunciation votes
2008-11-07 Hennepin [en] Hennepin pronunciation votes
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