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2014-10-02 zigzagueante [es] zigzagueante pronunciation By novita2013
2010-09-08 Grandgousier [fr] Grandgousier pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-08 grangousier [fr] grangousier pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-30 Lempäälä [fi] Lempäälä pronunciation By JoyJoy
2010-05-01 grúv [is] grúv pronunciation By Elin
2010-04-27 Pinocchiate [it] Pinocchiate pronunciation By isabetta
2010-03-18 welsprekendheid [vls] welsprekendheid pronunciation By Alyson_Lindley
2010-03-16 vlug [vls] vlug pronunciation By WVDB
2010-03-16 verplichting [vls] verplichting pronunciation By E5th3R
2010-03-16 belofte [vls] belofte pronunciation By Merlin77pluto
2010-03-16 aardbol [vls] aardbol pronunciation By Alyson_Lindley
2010-03-16 fopspeen [vls] fopspeen pronunciation By Ambervl
2010-03-16 kabouter [vls] kabouter pronunciation By WVDB
2010-03-16 glimlach [vls] glimlach pronunciation By WVDB
2010-03-16 duizelig [vls] duizelig pronunciation By WVDB
2010-03-16 beurten [vls] beurten pronunciation By Merlin77pluto
2010-03-16 schavuit [vls] schavuit pronunciation By WVDB
2010-03-16 knabbelen [vls] knabbelen pronunciation By silkevr
2010-03-16 kruiwagen [vls] kruiwagen pronunciation By WVDB
2010-03-13 cruche [fr] cruche pronunciation 0 votes
2010-03-13 tord-boyaux [fr] tord-boyaux pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-03-13 billevesée [fr] billevesée pronunciation By vyan
2010-03-13 fétide [fr] fétide pronunciation 0 votes
2010-03-13 fennec [fr] fennec pronunciation 0 votes
2010-03-13 affriolant [fr] affriolant pronunciation 0 votes
2010-03-13 fallacieux [fr] fallacieux pronunciation 0 votes
2010-03-13 corridor [fr] corridor pronunciation 0 votes
2010-03-13 circonscrire [fr] circonscrire pronunciation 0 votes
2010-03-13 arpenter [fr] arpenter pronunciation 0 votes
2010-03-13 phénoménologie [fr] phénoménologie pronunciation 0 votes
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