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Date Word Pronunciation Info
2014-09-19 Rancilio [it] Rancilio pronunciation By Annavox
2013-04-28 Cefalonia [it] Cefalonia pronunciation By Giank12345678
2013-04-28 Montelusa [it] Montelusa pronunciation By Giank12345678
2013-04-28 Vigata [it] Vigata pronunciation By Giank12345678
2012-12-02 scrippelle [it] scrippelle pronunciation By irretendo
2012-12-02 Controguerra [it] Controguerra pronunciation By Furex
2012-11-24 autoreggente [it] autoreggente pronunciation By Wolfsblut
2012-11-24 calunniosamente [it] calunniosamente pronunciation By mikeluna
2012-11-23 riconoscendo [it] riconoscendo pronunciation By distace
2012-11-23 riconosciute [it] riconosciute pronunciation By mikeluna
2012-11-23 isoglossa [it] isoglossa pronunciation By Wolfsblut
2012-11-23 Cittaducale [it] Cittaducale pronunciation By Wolfsblut
2012-11-23 Aufidena [it] Aufidena pronunciation By Giank12345678
2012-11-23 Terre Aquilane [it] Terre Aquilane pronunciation By KiusaOni
2012-11-23 Terre de L’Aquila [it] Terre de L’Aquila pronunciation By distace
2012-11-23 Colli del Sangro [it] Colli del Sangro pronunciation By KiusaOni
2012-11-23 vastese [it] vastese pronunciation By Wolfsblut
2012-11-23 Terre di Chieti [it] Terre di Chieti pronunciation By KiusaOni
2012-11-23 Colline Pescaresi [it] Colline Pescaresi pronunciation By KiusaOni
2012-11-23 Colline Teatine [it] Colline Teatine pronunciation By KiusaOni
2012-11-23 Colline Frentane [it] Colline Frentane pronunciation By KiusaOni
2012-11-23 Trebbiano d’Abruzzo [it] Trebbiano d’Abruzzo pronunciation By KiusaOni
2012-11-23 Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo [it] Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo pronunciation By KiusaOni
2012-11-23 Villamagna [it] Villamagna pronunciation By KiusaOni
2012-11-23 Cantina Tollo [it] Cantina Tollo pronunciation By KiusaOni
2012-11-23 Casal Thaulero [it] Casal Thaulero pronunciation By Wolfsblut
2012-11-23 Casal Bordino [it] Casal Bordino pronunciation By KiusaOni
2012-11-17 alfabeticamente [it] alfabeticamente pronunciation By marystar
2012-11-17 capricciosamente [it] capricciosamente pronunciation By carla_
2012-11-17 corindone [it] corindone pronunciation By betpao
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I have a typical west coast accent though sometimes a twang creeps in. I don't know where it comes from but I try hard to keep it out of my pronunciations here.

Gender: Female

Accent/country: United States

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