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2010-06-14 Catriona MacColl [en] Catriona MacColl pronunciation By Focalist
2010-06-14 Elizabeto [eo] Elizabeto pronunciation By kooooq
2010-06-14 Elisabet [ca] Elisabet pronunciation By markitous
2010-06-11 Krynica Morska [pl] Krynica Morska pronunciation By zic84
2010-06-10 aumento [it] aumento pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-10 turista [it] turista pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-10 turismo [it] turismo pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-10 emergente [it] emergente pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-10 intenso [it] intenso pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-10 temperatura [it] temperatura pronunciation By makingtie
2010-06-10 casco [it] casco pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-10 manta [it] manta pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-10 Frase [it] Frase pronunciation By makingtie
2010-06-10 normalmente [it] normalmente pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-10 distintivo [it] distintivo pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-10 po' [it] po' pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-07 Fajã Grande [pt] Fajã Grande pronunciation By zemoreno
2010-06-07 Γαύδος [el] Γαύδος pronunciation By tsilis
2010-06-07 Birkirkara [mt] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2010-06-07 Żebbuġ [mt] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2010-06-07 raku-yaki [ja] raku-yaki pronunciation By Ruby8823
2010-06-04 Brandon Lee [en] Brandon Lee pronunciation By roy_e17
2010-06-04 Guido van Rossum [nl] Guido van Rossum pronunciation By koffiekopje
2010-06-04 Graham Chapman [en] Graham Chapman pronunciation By roy_e17
2010-06-04 Eddie Izzard [en] Eddie Izzard pronunciation By roy_e17
2010-06-04 vegetariano [it] vegetariano pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-04 hina-matsuri [ja] hina-matsuri pronunciation By sorechaude
2010-06-04 hina-ningyō [ja] hina-ningyō pronunciation By sorechaude
2010-06-03 Tananger [no] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2010-06-01 síldarsalat [is] síldarsalat pronunciation By hlodver
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I'm 39 years old and I live in Sardinia. I was born and raised in Pisa, so my accent is from Tuscany, which is actually very close to "standard" Italian pronunciation.

A few things I love:
- reading
- writing
- cooking
- languages
- exchanging postcards (
- tracking Euros (

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Accent/country: Italy

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