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Date Word Listen Votes
2010-04-29 Isabella Andreini [it] Isabella Andreini pronunciation votes
2010-04-29 Guido delle Colonne [it] Guido delle Colonne pronunciation votes
2010-04-29 Antonio Cammelli [it] Antonio Cammelli pronunciation votes
2010-04-29 Cassiano dal Pozzo [it] Cassiano dal Pozzo pronunciation votes
2010-04-29 Baldassarre Peruzzi [it] Baldassarre Peruzzi pronunciation votes
2010-04-29 Anna Banti [it] Anna Banti pronunciation votes
2010-04-29 Ugolino di Anagni [it] Ugolino di Anagni pronunciation votes
2010-04-29 Pinocchiate [it] Pinocchiate pronunciation votes
2010-04-29 gazzarra [it] gazzarra pronunciation votes
2010-04-29 convenienza [it] convenienza pronunciation votes
2010-04-28 Toscanini [it] Toscanini pronunciation votes
2010-04-28 Domenico Ghirlandaio [it] Domenico Ghirlandaio pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-04-28 Orazio Gentileschi [it] Orazio Gentileschi pronunciation votes
2010-04-28 Francesco da Urbino [it] Francesco da Urbino pronunciation votes
2010-04-28 Buti [it] Buti pronunciation votes
2010-04-28 Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi [it] Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi pronunciation votes
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I'm 39 years old and I live in Sardinia. I was born and raised in Pisa, so my accent is from Tuscany, which is actually very close to "standard" Italian pronunciation.

A few things I love:
- reading
- writing
- cooking
- languages
- exchanging postcards (
- tracking Euros (

Sex: Female

Accent/country: Italy


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