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2012-05-20 paraformer [en] paraformer pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-20 incorporates [en] incorporates pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-20 readability [en] readability pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-20 polyphase [en] polyphase pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-20 microelectromechanical [en] microelectromechanical pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2012-05-20 ohmic [en] ohmic pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-20 dielectric [en] dielectric pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-20 San Leandro [en] San Leandro pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2012-05-20 savory [en] savory pronunciation 1 votes
2012-05-20 subito [la] subito pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-20 scientologist [en] scientologist pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-20 insolation [en] insolation pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-20 thermoelectric [en] thermoelectric pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-20 thermopile [en] thermopile pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-20 Bakelite [en] Bakelite pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-20 pactum [la] pactum pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-20 venĭa [la] venĭa pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-20 galea [la] galea pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-19 postquam [la] postquam pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-19 olim [la] olim pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-19 culina [la] culina pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-19 mihi [la] mihi pronunciation 1 votes
2012-05-19 neque [la] neque pronunciation -1 votes
2012-05-19 maltodextrin [en] maltodextrin pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-19 savoir faire [en] savoir faire pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-19 broiler [en] broiler pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-19 substrate [en] substrate pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-19 polycrystalline [en] polycrystalline pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-19 hunters [en] hunters pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-19 transconductance [en] transconductance pronunciation -1 votes
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Hello y'all,

I'm American, so I speak English and also Japanese. Additionally I studied Latin for 7 years.

Currently I live in the San Francisco Bay Area but I'm originally from the south east. I was raised in Georgia but my family is from North Carolina so I have some Appalachian pronounciation/word-usage.

The more 'southern' prononuciations were probably done when I was tired. To most Americans, I normally have a fairly neutral American accent.

However I think it's important to have southern accent pronounciations on this site as many hubs of commerce and academia are in the south or have southern ties (Atlanta, Raleigh, Charlotte, Miami, even Washington DC). It's one of the most common American dialects and while some say it's a "less educated" dialect. This engineer and her physicist partner (from Tennessee) think otherwise. ^-^

Feel free to write me in English, Japanese, or Latin. Keep it Classic!

Gender: Female

Accent/country: United States

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