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2008-07-10 recoger [es] recoger pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-07-10 pocos [es] pocos pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-07-10 aunque [es] aunque pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2008-07-10 auténtico [es] auténtico pronunciation votes
2008-07-10 paciencia [es] paciencia pronunciation votes
2008-07-10 refinado [es] refinado pronunciation votes
2008-07-10 renegociar [es] renegociar pronunciation votes
2008-07-10 oscura [es] oscura pronunciation votes
2008-07-10 hecho [es] hecho pronunciation votes
2008-07-10 tigre [es] tigre pronunciation 1 votes
2008-07-10 actriz [es] actriz pronunciation votes
2008-07-10 follar [es] follar pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2008-07-10 llegar [es] llegar pronunciation 0 votes
2008-07-10 geriátrico [es] geriátrico pronunciation votes
2008-07-10 hipocondríaco [es] hipocondríaco pronunciation votes
2008-04-12 colchón [es] colchón pronunciation votes
2008-04-12 Cala Blanes [es] Cala Blanes pronunciation votes
2008-04-12 baloncesto [es] baloncesto pronunciation -1 votes
2008-04-12 navegar [es] navegar pronunciation votes
2008-04-12 Francisco de Goya [es] Francisco de Goya pronunciation votes
2008-04-12 Federico García Lorca [es] Federico García Lorca pronunciation -1 votes
2008-04-12 te amo [es] te amo pronunciation votes
2008-04-12 puta [es] puta pronunciation 5 votes Best pronunciation
2008-04-12 toro [es] toro pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2008-04-12 panocha [es] panocha pronunciation votes
2008-04-12 Taringa [es] Taringa pronunciation votes
2008-04-12 que [es] que pronunciation 3 votes
2008-04-12 Paz Vega [es] Paz Vega pronunciation 1 votes
2008-04-12 Escondido [es] Escondido pronunciation votes
2008-04-12 Santander [es] Santander pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
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