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2013-11-19 antidisestablishmentarianism [en] antidisestablishmentarianism pronunciation 1 votes
2013-11-19 triceratops [en] triceratops pronunciation 0 votes
2013-11-19 wacky [en] wacky pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-27 Neurofibromatosis [en] Neurofibromatosis pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-27 rudimental [en] rudimental pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-27 incendiary [en] incendiary pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-27 mercery [en] mercery pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-27 reactivate [en] reactivate pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-27 Intransigence [en] Intransigence pronunciation 1 votes
2012-05-25 gorillas [en] gorillas pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-25 appallingly [en] appallingly pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-25 commodores [en] commodores pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-25 kyphosclerosis [en] kyphosclerosis pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-25 polycrystalline [en] polycrystalline pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-25 diaspore [en] diaspore pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-25 petrifaction [en] petrifaction pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-25 honorificabilitudinity [en] honorificabilitudinity pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-25 unfreeze [en] unfreeze pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-25 thrombocythemia [en] thrombocythemia pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2012-05-25 melancholy [en] melancholy pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-19 chaperonin [en] chaperonin pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-19 albumin [en] albumin pronunciation 1 votes
2012-05-19 pathogen [en] pathogen pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-18 frivolous [en] frivolous pronunciation 1 votes
2012-05-18 gauge [en] gauge pronunciation 5 votes Best pronunciation
2012-05-18 glycosidic [en] glycosidic pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-18 helicopter [en] helicopter pronunciation 1 votes
2012-05-18 brothel [en] brothel pronunciation 1 votes
2012-05-18 memoir [en] memoir pronunciation 1 votes
2012-05-18 carboxylase [en] carboxylase pronunciation 0 votes
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Hello, hello!

You can call me kaffy, I'm a born resident of New York, living around the Brooklyn area. I have, however, been told that my accent is devoid of that particular area's speech patterns and pronunciations. Some words I say in a clean "newscaster" manner, other times I feel they have somewhat of a British tinge. Either way, I receive comments on my pronunciation constantly. I hope it doesn't sound too silly for my location!

Gender: Female

Accent/country: United States

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