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2013-06-03 gafas progresivas [es] gafas progresivas pronunciation votes
2013-06-03 gafas de sol [es] gafas de sol pronunciation votes
2013-06-03 estropajo [es] estropajo pronunciation votes
2013-06-03 intermitentemente [es] intermitentemente pronunciation votes
2013-06-03 bandidos [es] bandidos pronunciation votes
2013-06-02 presidencia [es] presidencia pronunciation votes
2013-06-02 mal de altura [es] mal de altura pronunciation votes
2013-06-02 sopa boba [es] sopa boba pronunciation votes
2013-05-29 maromo [es] maromo pronunciation votes
2013-05-29 mantequilla de cacahuete [es] mantequilla de cacahuete pronunciation votes
2013-05-29 cerezas en almíbar [es] cerezas en almíbar pronunciation votes
2013-05-29 plasma sanguíneo [es] plasma sanguíneo pronunciation votes
2013-05-29 tergiversado [es] tergiversado pronunciation votes
2013-05-29 demonizado [es] demonizado pronunciation votes
2013-05-29 mazurca [es] mazurca pronunciation votes
2013-05-29 decolorar [es] decolorar pronunciation votes
2013-05-29 cebolla caramelizada [es] cebolla caramelizada pronunciation votes
2013-05-29 dúplex [es] dúplex pronunciation votes
2013-05-29 cabeza de chorlito [es] cabeza de chorlito pronunciation votes
2013-05-29 personificación [es] personificación pronunciation votes
2013-05-29 cerveza sin alcohol [es] cerveza sin alcohol pronunciation votes
2013-05-28 coyote [es] coyote pronunciation 1 votes
2013-03-01 holgazanear [es] holgazanear pronunciation votes
2013-03-01 azabache [es] azabache pronunciation votes
2010-09-14 champán [es] champán pronunciation votes
2010-08-18 amigo íntimo [es] amigo íntimo pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-08-18 a tope [es] a tope pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2010-08-18 golosa [es] golosa pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-08-18 golosinas [es] golosinas pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2010-08-16 amigo invisible [es] amigo invisible pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
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I am Spanish and I've studied and taught English for many years now.
I have always been told that my pronunciation in Spanish is very clear and distinctive, also easy to understand by foreigners. My region is supposed to be the birth place of Spanish language.
Every year thousands of foreign students come to study Spanish to Salamanca, my home town.

Sex: Female

Accent/country: Spain

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