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2009-08-26 задавала [ru] задавала pronunciation votes
2009-08-26 поразмяться [ru] поразмяться pronunciation votes
2009-08-26 довольство [ru] довольство pronunciation votes
2009-08-20 укроп [ru] укроп pronunciation votes
2009-08-20 пасха [ru] пасха pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation

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Hi! Foreign languages are my favorite pastime and passion. My dream is to become a translator someday.

At the moment, I’m studying Japanese, which is a fantastic and mysterious language :)))) I’m also studying Latin because this will surely help me to understand better most of the European languages.

The other languages I’m interested in are English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. The more foreign languages, the better =)))

By the way, my Skype ID is languera7. So if you want to chat with me, go on!

Sex: Female

Accent/country: Germany


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