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2013-01-17 citron [en] citron pronunciation 1 votes
2013-01-17 Pilasters [en] Pilasters pronunciation 0 votes
2013-01-17 Ammonitish war [en] Ammonitish war pronunciation 0 votes
2013-01-17 epilation [en] epilation pronunciation 0 votes

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fem. lit. "document girl"
formed from Latin "litera" and French "fille"
litera: from littera/litera "letter". Latin littera also meant "a writing, document, record," and in plural litteræ "a letter, epistle," a sense first attested in English early 13c., replacing Old English ærendgewrit, lit. "errand-writing." The Latin plural also meant "literature, books," and figuratively "learning, liberal education, schooling".
fille: (daughter, girl): From Old French, from Latin fīlia.

Gender: Female

Accent/country: United States

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