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2008-05-21 Ermanno Olmi [it] Ermanno Olmi pronunciation votes
2008-05-21 Carla Bruni [it] Carla Bruni pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-05-21 Federico Fellini [it] Federico Fellini pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2008-05-21 Loris Capirossi [it] Loris Capirossi pronunciation votes
2008-05-21 Tintoretto [it] Tintoretto pronunciation votes
2008-05-21 Raoul Bova [it] Raoul Bova pronunciation votes
2008-05-21 Marco Polo [it] Marco Polo pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-05-20 Cristian Zenoni [it] Cristian Zenoni pronunciation votes
2008-05-20 Alessandro Gamberini [it] Alessandro Gamberini pronunciation votes
2008-05-20 Marco Materazzi [it] Marco Materazzi pronunciation votes
2008-05-19 Mauro Camoranesi [it] Mauro Camoranesi pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-05-19 Marco Marchionni [it] Marco Marchionni pronunciation votes
2008-05-19 Morandin [it] Morandin pronunciation votes
2008-05-19 Marco Delvecchio [it] Marco Delvecchio pronunciation votes
2008-05-19 Antonio Cassano [it] Antonio Cassano pronunciation votes
2008-05-19 Christian Terlizzi [it] Christian Terlizzi pronunciation votes
2008-05-19 Flavio Roma [it] Flavio Roma pronunciation votes
2008-05-19 scatenare [it] scatenare pronunciation votes
2008-05-19 Alessandro Del Piero [it] Alessandro Del Piero pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-05-19 Fabio Grosso [it] Fabio Grosso pronunciation votes
2008-05-19 travesta [it] travesta pronunciation votes
2008-05-19 nessun [it] nessun pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-05-19 manchi [it] manchi pronunciation votes

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