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Date Word Pronunciation Info
2012-10-06 negaciado [pt] negaciado pronunciation By Kauesp
2012-09-26 pampeano [pt] pampeano pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-26 guampa [pt] guampa pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-26 jaburú [pt] jaburú pronunciation By caedma
2012-09-26 naba [pt] naba pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-26 reizinho [pt] reizinho pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-26 pasteleiro [pt] pasteleiro pronunciation By rhguimenes
2012-09-26 homocinética [pt] homocinética pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-26 hemorróides [pt] hemorróides pronunciation By hedielson
2012-09-26 aboiador [pt] aboiador pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-26 êra [pt] êra pronunciation By louiscavalcante
2012-09-25 parnamirim [pt] parnamirim pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-25 carramanchão [pt] carramanchão pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-25 wagnerite [pt] wagnerite pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-25 baiardo [pt] baiardo pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-25 sarrabujo [pt] sarrabujo pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-25 inserte [pt] inserte pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-25 simbologismo [pt] simbologismo pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-25 fosforescência [pt] fosforescência pronunciation By Handerson
2012-09-25 osoriense [pt] osoriense pronunciation By Brazilian_SP
2012-09-25 sepétiarajú [pt] sepétiarajú pronunciation By Brazilian_SP
2012-09-25 mooca [pt] mooca pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-25 chiqueirão [pt] chiqueirão pronunciation By hiroy
2012-09-25 minhocão [pt] minhocão pronunciation By mygh
2012-09-25 desagraciado [pt] desagraciado pronunciation By mygh
2012-09-25 epitáceo [pt] epitáceo pronunciation By Guelba
2012-09-25 curingar [pt] curingar pronunciation By mygh
2012-09-25 corujice [pt] corujice pronunciation By Irapuan
2012-09-25 espermatófago [pt] espermatófago pronunciation By gabrielsantanaa
2012-09-25 um sete um [pt] um sete um pronunciation By gabrielsantanaa
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