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2009-07-01 lighthouse [en] lighthouse pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2009-07-01 Gateway of India [en] Gateway of India pronunciation 0 votes
2009-07-01 onions [en] onions pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2009-07-01 mushrooms [en] mushrooms pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2009-07-01 dissertation [en] dissertation pronunciation 0 votes
2009-05-02 frazzled [en] frazzled pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2009-05-02 freeloader [en] freeloader pronunciation 0 votes
2009-05-02 inside [en] inside pronunciation 1 votes
2009-05-02 discman [en] discman pronunciation 0 votes
2009-05-02 heaven [en] heaven pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2009-05-02 crocodile [en] crocodile pronunciation 1 votes
2009-05-02 administrator [en] administrator pronunciation 4 votes Best pronunciation
2009-03-23 xylophone [en] xylophone pronunciation 0 votes
2009-03-20 isometry [en] isometry pronunciation 0 votes
2009-03-20 quip [en] quip pronunciation 0 votes
2009-03-20 Eugene O'Neill [en] Eugene O'Neill pronunciation 0 votes
2009-03-20 Xylitol [en] Xylitol pronunciation 0 votes
2009-03-20 asylum [en] asylum pronunciation 4 votes Best pronunciation
2009-03-20 rejuvenate [en] rejuvenate pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2009-03-20 rehearse [en] rehearse pronunciation 2 votes
2009-03-18 tortfeasor [en] tortfeasor pronunciation 0 votes
2009-03-18 anti-tank weapons [en] anti-tank weapons pronunciation 0 votes
2009-03-18 unsuitable [en] unsuitable pronunciation 0 votes
2009-03-18 obese [en] obese pronunciation 3 votes Best pronunciation
2009-03-18 Bosworth [en] Bosworth pronunciation 0 votes
2009-03-18 matrices [en] matrices pronunciation 0 votes
2009-03-08 testate [en] testate pronunciation 0 votes
2009-03-08 intestate [en] intestate pronunciation 0 votes
2009-03-08 phaser [en] phaser pronunciation -1 votes
2009-03-08 holodeck [en] holodeck pronunciation 0 votes
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Native of California, so I might speak with a slight "valley accent" (although I grew up in the other part of the state from the San Fernando Valley). I enjoy hearing all the many ways people can say the same word on this site, and hope it only grows as people join!

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Accent/country: United States

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