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2015-02-26 equestrienne [en] equestrienne pronunciation By ejscrym
2015-01-03 arsenical [en] arsenical pronunciation By ginnymay
2014-11-07 palish [en] palish pronunciation By learninglearning
2014-09-20 Theosophical [en] Theosophical pronunciation By npcarey
2014-07-20 timorously [en] timorously pronunciation By Spaeth
2014-07-19 imperceptibility [en] imperceptibility pronunciation 1 votes
2014-07-02 Nick Kyrgios [en] Nick Kyrgios pronunciation By adrianb123
2014-06-27 Ray Kurzweil [en] Ray Kurzweil pronunciation By arroya
2014-06-22 George Gamow [en] George Gamow pronunciation By arroya
2014-06-21 Pyrotechny [en] Pyrotechny pronunciation By rosamundo
2014-06-20 Lee Smolin [en] Lee Smolin pronunciation By npcarey
2014-06-20 Peter Woit [en] Peter Woit pronunciation By npcarey
2014-06-04 Mike Pagliarulo [en] Mike Pagliarulo pronunciation By dmcglaun
2014-01-26 Joseph Anoa'i [en] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2013-12-21 Werner Osenberg [de] Werner Osenberg pronunciation By Thonatas
2013-11-05 Kardashev scale [en] Kardashev scale pronunciation By Briantf
2012-07-10 Harry David Brecheen [en] Harry David Brecheen pronunciation By JerW
2011-06-25 muéstrame [es] muéstrame pronunciation By Jakomar
2011-06-13 potbelly [en] potbelly pronunciation 0 votes

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