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2013-06-07 lamented [en] lamented pronunciation By TopQuark
2013-06-07 boned [en] boned pronunciation By chris1h
2013-06-07 unmarked [en] unmarked pronunciation By TopQuark
2013-06-07 perished [en] perished pronunciation By TopQuark
2013-06-07 unwashed [en] unwashed pronunciation By TopQuark
2013-06-07 pitched [en] pitched pronunciation By chris1h
2013-06-07 undisturbed [en] undisturbed pronunciation By TopQuark
2011-12-29 uprisings [en] uprisings pronunciation By TopQuark
2011-12-29 underfoot [en] underfoot pronunciation By Pancakes
2011-12-29 testified [en] testified pronunciation By mightymouse
2011-12-29 teachings [en] teachings pronunciation By TopQuark
2011-12-29 storeroom [en] storeroom pronunciation By mightymouse
2011-12-29 Solomon's Temple [en] Solomon's Temple pronunciation By TopQuark
2011-12-29 saltiness [en] saltiness pronunciation By Dimac
2011-12-29 Sadducees [en] Sadducees pronunciation By wkshimself
2011-12-29 sackcloth [en] sackcloth pronunciation By wkshimself
2011-12-29 prisoners [en] prisoners pronunciation By TopQuark
2011-12-29 Ninevites [en] Ninevites pronunciation By wkshimself
2011-12-29 millstone [en] millstone pronunciation By wkshimself
2011-12-29 glorifies [en] glorifies pronunciation By wkshimself
2011-12-29 evildoers [en] evildoers pronunciation By wkshimself
2011-12-29 entrusted [en] entrusted pronunciation By wkshimself
2011-12-29 dwellings [en] dwellings pronunciation By wkshimself
2011-12-29 drunkards [en] drunkards pronunciation By wkshimself
2011-12-29 disobeyed [en] disobeyed pronunciation By mightymouse
2011-12-29 commended [en] commended pronunciation By wkshimself
2011-12-29 comforted [en] comforted pronunciation By TopQuark
2011-12-29 cleansing [en] cleansing pronunciation By x_WoofyWoo_x
2011-12-29 butchered [en] butchered pronunciation By wkshimself
2011-12-29 betraying [en] betraying pronunciation By wkshimself
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(Updated 2011-12-23)


My name is Miguel (Mike)

I speak, read, write, and THINK in English and Spanish—I am near-native in both. I have spoken English since the age of six and Spanish since I can remember. English is my dominant language because I use it most.

I was born in Mexico (State of Guanajuato), was raised in Northern Illinois, and have lived most of my adult life in Northern California. Thus, those are the areas that have influenced my accents.

I feel very blessed to have learned English at an early age because it is such a widespread language and a lot of "cutting-edge" information is only available in English. I am, also, grateful for knowing Spanish because of its geographic expansiveness and its cultural treasures—Latin Pop music, etc.

When I was first introduced to English, I had just started learning to read in Spanish. Despite the fact that English has become more natural to me, my mind has always rebelled against English because its pronunciation rules are not as elegant as the Spanish pronunciation rules.

For, Spanish, I prefer pronunciations that are faithful to the written form of the word. I believe it gives one a more polished image. For English, I find it difficult to use the written form of words as a guide; so for English my preference in pronunciation becomes more of a choice of accent and an act of careful imitation.


I don't consider myself an expert in both languages. But, to those learning any language, I suggest they do a lot of reading and a lot of listening. You need to be very thoughtful about the quality and style of your inputs (reading and listening) because that will determine the quality of your outputs (writing and speaking).

Also, there is a mental process that is neither an input or an output—we call it thinking. When you find yourself thinking in your new language—then and only then—will you have truly dominated it.

I believe grammar and spelling are important too. However, if I were learning either English or Spanish, I would not spend a lot of time learning the mechanics of the language—I would just plunge right in and start reading and listening to as much material that interests me—preferably videos which have transcripts—I would first read and figure out what is being said before viewing and listening to the video. I would repeat that exercise until I would not have to look up too many word definitions.

I believe, one’s grammar is shaped by careful attention to how native professionals arrange their phrases and sentences. And, good spelling is a byproduct of good reading and writing habits.

I am a Forvo Editor for both English and Spanish.
I plan to inject a lot of practical words into the Forvo database, I am trying to be very careful about my pronunciations. If you find one of my pronunciations to be totally off, please let me know and I will look into correcting it.

I am trying to be creative in how I select my words for Forvo. I have done the words of the US Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and currently, I am working on the words of Jesus Christ.

2011-12-22: Blue Yeti Microphone with Blue Pop Filter.
Prior Eqmt.: ThinkPad integrated microphone and others.

Gender: Male

Accent/country: United States


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