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2010-12-03 hagiographies [en] hagiographies pronunciation 0 votes
2010-11-25 water [en] water pronunciation 0 votes
2010-11-18 pronunciation [en] pronunciation pronunciation 0 votes
2010-11-18 candlestick [en] candlestick pronunciation 0 votes
2010-11-18 beaver [en] beaver pronunciation 0 votes
2010-11-18 eternity [en] eternity pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-11-18 Ballyholme [en] Ballyholme pronunciation 0 votes

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I love forvo help with my recording of text books for the blind and dyslexic; What a wonderfully powerful tool. I allows me to get better service to the most hard working and dedicated of students. Thanks to those who have already spoken new words/names for me. If you want to know more about what I do, email me at

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Accent/country: United States

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