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2013-03-31 مصر [ar] مصر pronunciation votes
2013-03-31 جمهورية مصر العربية [ar] جمهورية مصر العربية pronunciation votes
2013-03-05 ملعون [ar] ملعون pronunciation 1 votes
2013-02-27 الخروج [ar] الخروج pronunciation votes
2013-02-27 المعلومات [ar] المعلومات pronunciation votes
2013-02-27 حمضية [ar] حمضية pronunciation votes
2013-02-27 صيرفة [ar] صيرفة pronunciation votes
2013-02-27 قَرْيَة [ar] قَرْيَة pronunciation votes
2013-02-27 الحوارات [ar] الحوارات pronunciation votes
2013-02-27 مستردة [ar] مستردة pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2013-02-27 المأزق [ar] المأزق pronunciation votes
2013-02-27 كخليفة [ar] كخليفة pronunciation votes
2013-02-27 تدهورت [ar] تدهورت pronunciation votes
2013-02-27 الطيب صالح [ar] الطيب صالح pronunciation votes
2013-02-27 المقدام [ar] المقدام pronunciation votes
2013-02-18 غالية [ar] غالية pronunciation votes
2013-02-01 السدر [ar] السدر pronunciation votes
2013-02-01 سدر [ar] سدر pronunciation votes
2013-01-24 الإرث [ar] الإرث pronunciation votes
2013-01-24 محفوف [ar] محفوف pronunciation votes
2013-01-24 بترقية [ar] بترقية pronunciation votes
2013-01-24 Mayasaloun [ar] Mayasaloun pronunciation votes
2013-01-24 fadwa [ar] fadwa pronunciation votes
2013-01-24 المتأهب [ar] المتأهب pronunciation votes
2013-01-24 يكافحون [ar] يكافحون pronunciation votes
2013-01-24 تداعيات [ar] تداعيات pronunciation votes
2013-01-24 تستفيق [ar] تستفيق pronunciation votes
2013-01-24 ينضمون [ar] ينضمون pronunciation votes
2013-01-24 حذائه [ar] حذائه pronunciation votes
2013-01-24 مشاورات [ar] مشاورات pronunciation votes
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User's info

I am a Palestinian medical student living in Jordan, I have deep respect for my language and I actually love it, Arabic language -in my opinion- is one of the most prestigious languages in the world, besides it is the language of Qur'an the holy book of Islam which holds the most eloquent text ever.

One of this language features which I like to emphasize is that: the way its sounds are perceived by the human ear correlates to the meaning of the word those sounds are part of i.e. the relation between phonaesthetics and semantics is remarkable in Arabic .

For example, the word Aseel (an adjective for a woman whose face is smooth and beautiful) holds a positive connotation through how it sounds without the listener even knowing Arabic language while compared ,for example, with the word LaẒāʾa which holds negative connotation as its meaning is (fire flame).

The accent which I am using in Forvo is the accent of standard Arabic(Al-Fus'ha) which is used by all Arabs when they are formally speaking such as in News broadcasts,so I am going to pronounce the letter "ج" as "Jeem" not "Geem", and the letter "ق" as "Qaf" not "Gaf".

I love this website, as it provides for each nation the opportunity to preserve some aspect of its lingual heritage, to show it to other nations, so basically this website serves an honorable mission of bringing people closer together which deserves some kind of commitment and sharing.

Viva Forvo, Viva Forvo! :)

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Accent/country: Jordan

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