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2014-06-26 Bajc [hu] Bajc pronunciation By Frankie
2013-01-27 Errol Trzebinski [pl] Errol Trzebinski pronunciation By gorniak
2011-07-31 Wapentake [en] Wapentake pronunciation By Lingwood_Watts
2011-06-19 amaurosis fugax [la] amaurosis fugax pronunciation By LScriptor
2011-01-05 Gary Roughead [en] Gary Roughead pronunciation By Kraig
2010-12-02 Bølling-Allerød [da] Bølling-Allerød pronunciation By olfine
2010-11-16 høgmorsk [no] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2010-11-16 riksmål [no] riksmål pronunciation By Kadmium
2010-11-09 quonochontaug [en] quonochontaug pronunciation 0 votes

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