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2012-05-27 Brognoligo [it] Brognoligo pronunciation By Delfinarium
2012-04-22 Чадин [ru] Чадин pronunciation By sky_is_over
2012-04-21 Елисаветград [ru] Елисаветград pronunciation By sky_is_over
2012-04-21 Суздальцев [ru] Суздальцев pronunciation By Marina_F
2012-04-20 Расплюев [ru] Расплюев pronunciation By sky_is_over
2012-04-19 Медведенко [ru] Медведенко pronunciation By Skvodo
2012-04-19 Тригорин [ru] Тригорин pronunciation By Marina_F
2012-04-19 Шамраев [ru] Шамраев pronunciation By exomni
2012-04-19 Сорин [ru] Сорин pronunciation By Marina_F
2012-04-19 Аркадина [ru] Аркадина pronunciation By Marina_F
2012-03-27 Kakheti [ka] Kakheti pronunciation By lengabe
2012-03-27 Saperavi [ka] Saperavi pronunciation By lengabe
2012-03-27 Kindzmarauli (wine style) [ka] Kindzmarauli (wine style) pronunciation By lengabe
2012-03-27 Alicante Bouschet [pt] Alicante Bouschet pronunciation By inofensiva
2012-03-27 Quinta da Vegia (winery) [pt] Quinta da Vegia (winery) pronunciation By inofensiva
2012-03-27 Quinta das Bágeiras (winery) [pt] Quinta das Bágeiras (winery) pronunciation By inofensiva
2012-03-27 picapoll negre [ca] picapoll negre pronunciation By francesct
2012-03-26 delle Venezie [it] delle Venezie pronunciation By Vally84

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