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2015-02-04 sousveillance [en] sousveillance pronunciation By rollingboy17
2014-11-30 vermifuge [en] vermifuge pronunciation By aneris6
2014-11-23 sulphite [en] sulphite pronunciation By kmhc
2014-07-12 glassine [en] glassine pronunciation By npcarey
2013-11-21 consolidator [en] consolidator pronunciation By chris1h
2013-10-24 duvet [en] duvet pronunciation By seriouswoman
2013-07-27 panna cotta [en] panna cotta pronunciation By ras123
2013-07-21 panna cotta [fr] panna cotta pronunciation 0 votes
2013-07-18 digesting [en] digesting pronunciation By stevefitch
2013-07-12 Kronenbourg [en] Kronenbourg pronunciation By stevefitch
2013-07-05 Sax [fr] Sax pronunciation 0 votes
2013-07-04 corsé [fr] corsé pronunciation 0 votes
2013-07-01 premolar [en] premolar pronunciation By Mollydub
2013-05-27 laminating [en] laminating pronunciation By dorabora

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