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Date Word Pronunciation Info
2014-03-21 Aethelred [en] Aethelred pronunciation By wkshimself
2014-03-14 Athelwold [en] Athelwold pronunciation By Bernard12
2014-03-14 Aethelbert [en] Aethelbert pronunciation By Bernard12
2014-03-14 Trinovantes [en] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-03-14 Catuvellauni [en] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-03-14 Cassivellaunus [en] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-01-24 R. P. Blackmur [en] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-01-24 Thomas Rymer [en] Thomas Rymer pronunciation By greencat
2013-11-06 exophor [en] exophor pronunciation By lisapaloma
2013-11-06 endophoric [en] endophoric pronunciation By finch
2013-11-06 exophoric [en] exophoric pronunciation By finch
2013-11-05 exophora [en] exophora pronunciation By dorabora
2013-11-05 endophora [en] endophora pronunciation By dorabora
2013-11-05 monophthongal [en] monophthongal pronunciation By dorabora
2012-11-13 Antwerp [en] Antwerp pronunciation By TopQuark
2012-04-16 Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker [en] Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker pronunciation By chewton
2012-04-16 Thomas Sutpen [en] Thomas Sutpen pronunciation By dorabora
2012-04-12 Pomes Penyeach [en] Pomes Penyeach pronunciation By chewton
2012-04-12 Haughey [en] Haughey pronunciation By eamonncy
2012-04-12 William Cosgrave [en] William Cosgrave pronunciation By ejdeng
2012-04-12 Cromwellian [en] Cromwellian pronunciation By chewton
2012-04-12 Hiberni [la] Hiberni pronunciation By sicerabibax
2012-04-12 Scoti [la] Scoti pronunciation By markuslebt
2012-04-12 Sean O’Casey [en] Sean O’Casey pronunciation By eamonncy
2012-04-12 Addie Bundren [en] Addie Bundren pronunciation By ejdeng
2012-04-12 Zelda Sayre [en] Zelda Sayre pronunciation By ejdeng
2012-04-12 Samuel Langhorne Clemens [en] Samuel Langhorne Clemens pronunciation By dorabora
2012-04-12 Eustacia [en] Eustacia pronunciation By dorabora
2012-04-12 Henry Esmond [en] Henry Esmond pronunciation By bananaman
2012-03-23 9/11 [en] 9/11 pronunciation By aidansmith

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