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2015-04-24 Kiradech Aphibarnrat [th] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2015-03-27 Skovshoved [da] Skovshoved pronunciation By Sgrunterundt
2014-07-30 Scherbarth [de] Scherbarth pronunciation By Bartleby
2014-06-04 Stuibenfall [de] Stuibenfall pronunciation By Thonatas
2014-01-14 Jochem Uytdehaage [nl] Jochem Uytdehaage pronunciation By stevenvdhaas
2013-12-10 Maurilio De Zolt [it] Maurilio De Zolt pronunciation By elerascal
2013-12-04 Teahupo'o [ty] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2013-11-27 Areitio [es] Areitio pronunciation By chatee
2013-11-05 Λουτράκι [el] Λουτράκι pronunciation By peri22b
2013-08-21 Inje [ko] Inje pronunciation By vhfmqh
2013-08-20 Cengizcan Ulusu [tr] Cengizcan Ulusu pronunciation By aysaysbeybi
2013-08-07 Koue Bokkeveld [af] Koue Bokkeveld pronunciation By melder319
2013-06-11 Calmels [fr] Calmels pronunciation By Pat91
2013-05-22 Nino [de] Nino pronunciation By Thonatas
2013-05-21 Burry Stander [nl] Burry Stander pronunciation By VictorVan
2013-05-15 Stander [af] Stander pronunciation By jake62
2013-05-15 Lourensford [af] Lourensford pronunciation By adamtas
2013-05-15 Helshoogte [nl] Helshoogte pronunciation By VictorVan
2013-05-15 Reede tot Drakenstein [nl] Reede tot Drakenstein pronunciation By gvankempen
2013-05-12 Ruthwell [sco] Ruthwell pronunciation By Kraig
2013-05-12 Ruthwell [en] Ruthwell pronunciation By dorabora
2013-03-06 Les Marécottes [fr] Les Marécottes pronunciation By marco3391
2013-02-27 Christine Hargin [sv] Christine Hargin pronunciation By stefanlindmark
2013-02-19 David O’Caoimh [ga] David O’Caoimh pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-01-30 Fayçal Hucin [fr] Fayçal Hucin pronunciation By Pat91
2013-01-29 Lähdesmäki [fi] Lähdesmäki pronunciation By tmkiiski
2013-01-29 Faycal Hucin [ar] Faycal Hucin pronunciation By maamrr
2013-01-11 L’Almanarre [fr] L’Almanarre pronunciation By Pat91
2013-01-09 Johnno Scholte [nl] Johnno Scholte pronunciation By Brugmans
2012-12-14 Anderson Varejão [pt] Anderson Varejão pronunciation By gabrielcs
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User's info

Hello: I am a media professional living in Prague, Czech Republic. I work as the dubbing director and I also translate and edit documentary films.

Despite living in the capital, I leave the city mark on my home town Pardubice: my native pronunciation is of the Eastern Bohemia, which is supposedly the standard media accent (also many known media speakers came from the region).

I am involved with language on different levels; I even worked on a research project with the language corpus at Charles University. You might be also interested in learning Czech with a small non-profit project I collaborate with:

I speak English well. I have an interest in Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Latin and German. Except for Hungarian, I have studied all of them at a basic level and would like to improve.

I became an editor at Forvo in 2011 and would like to thank all of you for your interest and collaboration.

Gender: Male

Accent/country: Czech Republic

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