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2014-09-26 Kathy Mattea [en] Kathy Mattea pronunciation By npcarey
2013-12-13 panyasophonlert [th] panyasophonlert pronunciation By beebah
2010-12-24 Caesar [ga] Caesar pronunciation By Brendan
2010-11-29 Eliot Schain [en] Eliot Schain pronunciation By Karma444
2010-10-22 wildt [de] wildt pronunciation By sunny77
2010-09-28 Stroe [ro] Stroe pronunciation By tradetrek
2010-05-21 ijsbrantszoon [nl] ijsbrantszoon pronunciation By goodiesetn
2010-05-07 Sera Cahoone [en] Sera Cahoone pronunciation By Arn_Wendt
2010-03-29 Ní Mhaonaigh [ga] Ní Mhaonaigh pronunciation By Brendan

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teacher of English at a language school, translator, tournament scrabble player, hobby writer, lover of women, literature, painting, and beer

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