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2010-07-29 Tomás Milián [es] Tomás Milián pronunciation By mariosaladosantos
2010-07-18 Mehmet Ali Ağca [tr] Mehmet Ali Ağca pronunciation By asabee
2010-07-17 'ngignà [nap] 'ngignà pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-13 frateto [nap] frateto pronunciation By juzepi
2010-07-13 soreta [nap] soreta pronunciation By juzepi
2010-07-13 mammeta [nap] mammeta pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-13 pateto [nap] pateto pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-13 scannetiéllo [nap] scannetiéllo pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-13 Aiello del Sabato [it] Aiello del Sabato pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-13 ぶっかけ (bukkake) [ja] ぶっかけ (bukkake) pronunciation By akitomo
2010-07-10 Shahram Shabpareh [fa] Shahram Shabpareh pronunciation By elborz
2010-07-04 psiconeuroendocrinoimmunologia [it] psiconeuroendocrinoimmunologia pronunciation By damico
2010-07-04 Belén Rodríguez [es] Belén Rodríguez pronunciation By Mack
2010-07-04 Peppiniello [nap] Peppiniello pronunciation By damico
2010-07-04 Pasquale [nap] Pasquale pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-29 sóla [nap] sóla pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-29 arteteca [nap] arteteca pronunciation By damico
2010-06-25 Aldo Brancher [it] Aldo Brancher pronunciation By damico
2010-06-18 Nicola Legrottaglie [it] Nicola Legrottaglie pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation

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