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2014-05-12 Luigi Palmisciano [it] Luigi Palmisciano pronunciation By fede4_89
2013-05-30 Thomas Cochrane [en] Thomas Cochrane pronunciation By TopQuark
2013-01-18 Huldreich Zwingli [gsw] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2012-11-11 nordrach [de] nordrach pronunciation By Thonatas
2012-09-15 Tanglewood [en] Tanglewood pronunciation By trice
2012-08-11 bookteria [en] bookteria pronunciation By agosta
2012-07-07 introductions [en] introductions pronunciation By trice
2012-06-22 frigobar [en] frigobar pronunciation By trice
2012-06-19 messed up [en] messed up pronunciation By brenky89
2012-05-14 look after [en] look after pronunciation By katie_f23
2012-05-06 breedism [en] breedism pronunciation By samh785
2012-04-25 Edward Scissorhands [en] Edward Scissorhands pronunciation By eer1
2012-03-25 Catherine McCormack [en] Catherine McCormack pronunciation By dorabora
2011-11-22 John Gielgud [en] John Gielgud pronunciation By dorabora
2011-11-22 get caught [en] get caught pronunciation By alisha_raikkonen
2011-04-03 Sover [it] Sover pronunciation By Laloha
2010-10-01 subtitle [en] subtitle pronunciation By Mike_USA
2010-10-01 eyeballing [en] eyeballing pronunciation By rosegunner
2010-09-28 fantasizing [en] fantasizing pronunciation By Loco
2010-09-23 Judd Apatow [en] Judd Apatow pronunciation By sophiemadeline
2010-09-21 exercising [en] exercising pronunciation By Mike_USA
2010-09-13 Markéta Irglová [cs] Markéta Irglová pronunciation By suicide
2010-09-11 kegger [en] kegger pronunciation By Terrinblaze

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