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2008-05-06 Écouter [fr] Écouter pronunciation 0 votes
2008-05-06 repas [fr] repas pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-05-06 anticonstitutionnellement [fr] anticonstitutionnellement pronunciation -2 votes
2008-05-06 pourquoi je vous remercie [fr] pourquoi je vous remercie pronunciation 0 votes
2008-05-06 drogues [fr] drogues pronunciation votes
2008-05-06 gazeuse [fr] gazeuse pronunciation votes
2008-05-06 grenouille [fr] grenouille pronunciation votes
2008-05-06 nouvelle vague [fr] nouvelle vague pronunciation votes
2008-05-06 mêlée [fr] mêlée pronunciation votes
2008-05-06 meilleur [fr] meilleur pronunciation 3 votes Best pronunciation
2008-05-06 Charles Camille Saint-Saëns [fr] Charles Camille Saint-Saëns pronunciation votes
2008-05-06 parachute [fr] parachute pronunciation votes
2008-05-06 expose [fr] expose pronunciation votes
2008-05-06 boulanger [fr] boulanger pronunciation votes
2008-05-06 traceur [fr] traceur pronunciation votes
2008-05-06 puis [fr] puis pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-05-06 Boutique [fr] Boutique pronunciation votes
2008-04-23 lait [fr] lait pronunciation 1 votes
2008-04-23 à la prochaine [fr] à la prochaine pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2008-04-23 oeuf [fr] oeuf pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-04-23 cheveux [fr] cheveux pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-04-23 cheval [fr] cheval pronunciation 2 votes
2008-04-23 chevalier [fr] chevalier pronunciation votes
2008-04-23 pomme de terre [fr] pomme de terre pronunciation 0 votes
2008-04-23 Frère [fr] Frère pronunciation votes
2008-04-23 petit [fr] petit pronunciation 2 votes
2008-04-23 Petit Gâteau [fr] Petit Gâteau pronunciation votes
2008-04-23 cheveu [fr] cheveu pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-04-23 étoile [fr] étoile pronunciation 2 votes
2008-04-23 métro [fr] métro pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
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