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Date Word Pronunciation Info
2014-03-08 Paul Ziff [en] Paul Ziff pronunciation By RobertStates
2014-03-08 Bruce Vermazen [en] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-03-08 Ben Tilghman [en] Ben Tilghman pronunciation By chumley78
2014-03-08 Frances Sparshott [en] Frances Sparshott pronunciation By chpmerlin
2014-03-08 Frank Sibley [en] Frank Sibley pronunciation By cheins
2014-03-08 Sean Scully [en] Sean Scully pronunciation By cheins
2014-03-08 Mark Rollins [en] Mark Rollins pronunciation By cheins
2014-03-08 Ira Newman [en] Ira Newman pronunciation By cheins
2014-03-08 Ernest Nagel [en] Ernest Nagel pronunciation By cheins
2014-03-08 Maurice Mandelbaum [en] Maurice Mandelbaum pronunciation By cheins
2014-03-08 Thomas Leddy [en] Thomas Leddy pronunciation By cheins
2014-03-08 Suzanne Langer [en] Suzanne Langer pronunciation By cheins
2014-03-08 Peter Kivy [en] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-03-08 william kennick [en] william kennick pronunciation By RobertStates
2014-03-08 Roman Ingarden [pl] Roman Ingarden pronunciation By catmouse
2014-03-08 Francis Hutcheson [en] Francis Hutcheson pronunciation By emilyy0ung
2014-03-08 Nelson Goodman [en] Nelson Goodman pronunciation By preshusspuppy
2014-03-08 Richard Gaskin [en] Richard Gaskin pronunciation By preshusspuppy
2014-03-08 Sebastian Gardner [en] Sebastian Gardner pronunciation By RobertStates
2014-03-08 William Frith [en] William Frith pronunciation By preshusspuppy
2014-03-08 Cynthia Freeland [en] Cynthia Freeland pronunciation By preshusspuppy
2014-03-08 Dennis Dutton [en] Dennis Dutton pronunciation By RobertStates
2014-03-08 Terry Diffey [en] Terry Diffey pronunciation By chumley78
2014-03-08 George Dickie [en] George Dickie pronunciation By preshusspuppy
2014-03-08 Stephen Davies [en] Stephen Davies pronunciation By MireilleLulu
2014-03-08 Robin George Collingwood [en] Robin George Collingwood pronunciation By JohnStanley
2014-03-08 Noël Carroll [en] Noël Carroll pronunciation By RobertStates
2014-03-08 James Carney [en] James Carney pronunciation By RobertStates
2014-03-08 Callen [en] Callen pronunciation By RobertStates
2014-03-08 Edward Bullough [en] Edward Bullough pronunciation By ReeceSelby
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