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2014-04-06 leucoderma [en] leucoderma pronunciation votes
2014-04-06 power of attorney [en] power of attorney pronunciation votes
2014-04-06 loveliest [en] loveliest pronunciation votes
2011-07-17 Faraday Rotation [en] Faraday Rotation pronunciation votes
2010-06-20 weary [en] weary pronunciation 1 votes
2010-05-23 quantum physics [en] quantum physics pronunciation votes
2010-05-23 chemistry [en] chemistry pronunciation 3 votes Best pronunciation
2010-05-23 Lady GaGa [en] Lady GaGa pronunciation 3 votes Best pronunciation
2010-05-01 spectroscopy [en] spectroscopy pronunciation votes
2010-04-28 comparable [en] comparable pronunciation 1 votes
2010-04-20 incineration [en] incineration pronunciation votes
2010-04-17 포르보 [ko] 포르보 pronunciation votes
2010-04-17 marmalade [en] marmalade pronunciation votes
2010-04-14 entrepreneur [en] entrepreneur pronunciation 1 votes
2010-04-14 quantitative easing [en] quantitative easing pronunciation -1 votes
2010-04-12 Angelina Jolie [en] Angelina Jolie pronunciation 0 votes
2010-04-12 pronunciation [en] pronunciation pronunciation 2 votes
2010-04-12 음성모음 [ko] 음성모음 pronunciation votes
2010-04-12 한자 [ko] 한자 pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-04-12 학교 [ko] 학교 pronunciation 1 votes
2010-04-12 Harrison Ford [en] Harrison Ford pronunciation votes
2010-04-12 Nemesis [en] Nemesis pronunciation votes
2010-04-12 herb [en] herb pronunciation 0 votes
2010-04-12 Ron Weasley [en] Ron Weasley pronunciation 1 votes
2010-04-12 dormitory [en] dormitory pronunciation votes
2010-04-12 applicable [en] applicable pronunciation 0 votes
2010-04-12 불고기 [ko] 불고기 pronunciation votes
2010-04-12 advertisement [en] advertisement pronunciation -2 votes
2010-04-12 kimchi [ko] kimchi pronunciation votes
2010-04-12 vaseline [en] vaseline pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation

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