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Date Word Listen Votes
2010-06-29 Minoh [ja] Minoh pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-29 Ken Watanabe [ja] Ken Watanabe pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-24 Kubota [ja] Kubota pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-24 kabushiki kaisha [ja] kabushiki kaisha pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-24 Yachiyo [ja] Yachiyo pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-24 Iiyama [ja] Iiyama pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-24 笠戸丸 [ja] 笠戸丸 pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-06-24 選択 [ja] 選択 pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-24 レタス [ja] レタス pronunciation 3 votes Best pronunciation
2010-06-24 豚肉 [ja] 豚肉 pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-24 お肉 [ja] お肉 pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-06-17 Chugai [ja] Chugai pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-17 Omron [ja] Omron pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-17 Hisamitsu [ja] Hisamitsu pronunciation -1 votes
2010-06-17 Tenrikyo [ja] Tenrikyo pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-17 Nagasu [ja] Nagasu pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-17 koneko (子猫) [ja] koneko (子猫) pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-17 清風明月 [ja] 清風明月 pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-17 原水爆 [ja] 原水爆 pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-06-17 東映株式会社 [ja] 東映株式会社 pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-17 イエス・キリスト [ja] イエス・キリスト pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-17 Ando Miki [ja] Ando Miki pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-17 酸度 [ja] 酸度 pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-06-17 鍼治療 [ja] 鍼治療 pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-17 ゆっくり [ja] ゆっくり pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-17 止まる [ja] 止まる pronunciation -1 votes
2010-06-17 乗る [ja] 乗る pronunciation 2 votes
2010-06-17 早く [ja] 早く pronunciation -1 votes
2010-06-17 動く [ja] 動く pronunciation 1 votes
2010-06-17 見る [ja] 見る pronunciation -1 votes

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Born to parents both from Osaka, I was brought up in US from 2 to 7 with local education. Later we moved to Germany where I learned at a Japanese school. Returning to Osaka and having spent high school and university times there, I have lived, and am living elsewhere since, including Kawasaki, Paris (France, not Texas), Saitama and Tokyo. Married to a spouse also from Osaka, my daily at-home pronunciation is that of Osaka-Kansai region, thus my recordings made on Forvo, too. Native Japanese speakers from other regions (if not limited to other regions) are very much invited to record pronunciations in their own accents or intonations in addition to mine.

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