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2012-01-14 ஹேமவதி [ta] ஹேமவதி pronunciation By iamarun
2011-12-28 polarsken [sv] polarsken pronunciation By ret001
2011-12-02 연철최 [ko] 연철최 pronunciation By macstjo
2011-12-02 류연진 [ko] 류연진 pronunciation By macstjo
2011-09-24 bleu [ro] bleu pronunciation By RoxanaC
2011-09-24 pasteuriza [ro] pasteuriza pronunciation By AlexD
2011-09-24 cozeur [ro] cozeur pronunciation By RoxanaC
2011-09-24 ecru [ro] ecru pronunciation By RoxanaC
2011-09-24 tul [ro] tul pronunciation By RoxanaC
2011-09-05 ફારોખ બલ્સારા [gu] ફારોખ બલ્સારા pronunciation By tekksavvy
2011-08-23 Đặng Nam Hải [vi] Đặng Nam Hải pronunciation By phongthuan91
2011-08-23 العباءة [ar] العباءة pronunciation By jasmen
2011-06-16 tomhail [ga] tomhail pronunciation By BridEilis
2011-03-09 kykyliky [da] kykyliky pronunciation By olfine
2011-02-27 pouilleux [fr] pouilleux pronunciation 0 votes
2011-02-22 šňůrka [cs] šňůrka pronunciation By OlgaCZ
2011-02-21 substituent [fr] substituent pronunciation 0 votes
2011-02-21 chut-euh ! [fr] chut-euh ! pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2011-02-19 Eyjafjallajökull [is] Eyjafjallajökull pronunciation By Petur75
2011-02-16 נטלי הרשלג [he] נטלי הרשלג pronunciation By juliaf
2011-01-21 Europe [fr] Europe pronunciation 0 votes
2011-01-19 alors on danse [fr] alors on danse pronunciation 0 votes
2011-01-19 tonton [fr] tonton pronunciation 0 votes
2010-12-30 pend [fr] pend pronunciation 0 votes
2010-12-30 pont [fr] pont pronunciation 0 votes
2010-12-27 cône [fr] cône pronunciation 0 votes
2010-12-27 chouille [fr] chouille pronunciation 0 votes
2010-12-27 touille [fr] touille pronunciation 0 votes
2010-04-05 invraisemblable [fr] invraisemblable pronunciation 0 votes
2010-03-17 fédération française [fr] fédération française pronunciation 0 votes
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