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2011-03-07 cross-platform [en] cross-platform pronunciation votes
2011-03-07 transferred [en] transferred pronunciation votes
2011-03-07 open-source [en] open-source pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2011-03-07 accouter [en] accouter pronunciation votes
2011-03-01 Cedric [en] Cedric pronunciation votes
2011-03-01 Russ [en] Russ pronunciation votes
2011-03-01 James [en] James pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2011-03-01 Kelsey Chamberlain [en] Kelsey Chamberlain pronunciation votes
2011-03-01 Phytosanitary [en] Phytosanitary pronunciation votes
2011-03-01 coarsest [en] coarsest pronunciation votes
2011-02-28 judiciary [en] judiciary pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2011-02-28 Bill of Rights [en] Bill of Rights pronunciation votes
2011-02-28 Declaration of Independence [en] Declaration of Independence pronunciation votes
2011-02-28 Thesaurus [en] Thesaurus pronunciation votes
2011-02-28 Holy Mackerel [en] Holy Mackerel pronunciation votes
2011-02-28 Boofhead [en] Boofhead pronunciation votes
2011-02-28 numpty [en] numpty pronunciation votes
2011-02-28 under the hood [en] under the hood pronunciation votes
2011-02-28 Robin Hood [en] Robin Hood pronunciation votes
2011-02-28 hood [en] hood pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2011-02-27 the more the merrier [en] the more the merrier pronunciation 2 votes
2011-02-27 speak as you find [en] speak as you find pronunciation votes
2011-02-27 mum's the word [en] mum's the word pronunciation votes
2011-02-27 foregone conclusion [en] foregone conclusion pronunciation votes
2011-02-27 heart's content [en] heart's content pronunciation votes
2011-02-27 Good riddance! [en] Good riddance! pronunciation 2 votes
2011-02-27 it takes two to tango [en] it takes two to tango pronunciation 1 votes
2011-02-27 no pain no gain [en] no pain no gain pronunciation 1 votes
2011-02-27 first come first served [en] first come first served pronunciation 1 votes
2011-02-27 multitude of sins [en] multitude of sins pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
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I live in Vermont.
I have what is called a "general American accent".

Sex: Female

Accent/country: United States

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