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Date Word Listen Votes
2013-04-13 mushroom [en] mushroom pronunciation votes
2012-03-02 interview [en] interview pronunciation 1 votes
2010-12-26 the art of war [en] the art of war pronunciation votes
2010-12-26 big apple [en] big apple pronunciation votes
2010-12-26 British English [en] British English pronunciation votes
2010-12-26 American English [en] American English pronunciation votes
2010-12-26 CCTV International [en] CCTV International pronunciation votes
2010-12-26 red cliff [en] red cliff pronunciation votes
2010-12-26 cot [en] cot pronunciation votes
2010-12-26 tax [en] tax pronunciation 1 votes
2009-06-12 domicile [en] domicile pronunciation votes
2009-06-12 suppository [en] suppository pronunciation votes
2009-06-12 omelet [en] omelet pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2009-06-12 webbiest [en] webbiest pronunciation votes
2009-06-12 Hobson Jobson [en] Hobson Jobson pronunciation votes
2009-06-12 Econlockhatchee [en] Econlockhatchee pronunciation votes
2009-06-11 Internet [en] Internet pronunciation 7 votes Best pronunciation
2009-06-11 lurry [en] lurry pronunciation votes
2009-06-11 Purdue University [en] Purdue University pronunciation 1 votes
2009-06-11 Chicago State University [en] Chicago State University pronunciation -1 votes
2009-06-11 University of Chicago [en] University of Chicago pronunciation -1 votes
2009-06-11 East Chicago [en] East Chicago pronunciation 0 votes
2009-06-11 Chicago [en] Chicago pronunciation 3 votes Best pronunciation
2009-06-11 Amish [en] Amish pronunciation votes
2009-06-11 Hinduism [en] Hinduism pronunciation votes
2009-06-11 Islamic [en] Islamic pronunciation votes
2009-06-11 Muslim [en] Muslim pronunciation -1 votes
2009-06-11 judaism [en] judaism pronunciation votes
2009-06-11 jewish [en] jewish pronunciation 1 votes
2009-06-11 Jew [en] Jew pronunciation votes
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I love words. This project helps people find new words and how to pronounce them. Because of this, I want to be a part of the Forvo project.

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