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Date Word Pronunciation Info
2015-01-29 tritina [en] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2013-07-21 MacRae [gd] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2010-12-14 Harrie Leenders [nl] Harrie Leenders pronunciation By No_accent
2010-10-22 dubbelganger [nl] dubbelganger pronunciation By No_accent
2010-10-08 Sjacco [nl] Sjacco pronunciation By No_accent
2010-10-08 defecatie [nl] defecatie pronunciation By No_accent
2010-09-21 chimera [nl] chimera pronunciation By No_accent
2010-09-15 wrevelig [nl] wrevelig pronunciation By No_accent
2010-09-15 afgunstig [nl] afgunstig pronunciation By No_accent
2010-09-15 hatelijk [nl] hatelijk pronunciation By No_accent
2010-09-15 hermafrodiet [nl] hermafrodiet pronunciation By No_accent
2010-09-15 geheimen [nl] geheimen pronunciation By No_accent
2010-09-03 Kjartan Sveinsson [is] Kjartan Sveinsson pronunciation By Petur75
2010-09-01 Jaco van den Hoven [nl] Jaco van den Hoven pronunciation By No_accent
2010-08-09 άκνηστις [el] άκνηστις pronunciation By peri22b
2010-08-09 ἄκνηστις [grc] ἄκνηστις pronunciation By peri22b
2010-08-05 desidiose [en] desidiose pronunciation By TopQuark
2010-08-05 demophobia [en] demophobia pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-03 potatismos [sv] potatismos pronunciation By Ninen
2010-07-29 bibble [en] bibble pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-07-29 necrology [en] necrology pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-29 intersexed [en] intersexed pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-29 intersex [en] intersex pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-28 arachnophagous [en] arachnophagous pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-28 gutturotetany [en] gutturotetany pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-28 groak [en] groak pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-28 genetrix [en] genetrix pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-28 logogogue [en] logogogue pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-28 cacography [en] cacography pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-28 hyperforeignism [en] hyperforeignism pronunciation 0 votes
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