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2011-11-11 Boca del Cielo [es] Boca del Cielo pronunciation 0 votes
2011-11-11 al frente de [es] al frente de pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-10-06 Acayucan [es] Acayucan pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-09-26 Villazón [es] Villazón pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-25 chicano [es] chicano pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-09-24 Tania Lamarca [es] Tania Lamarca pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-24 Nuria Cabanillas [es] Nuria Cabanillas pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-23 menús [es] menús pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-23 Desportillar [es] Desportillar pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-02 carpetovetónico [es] carpetovetónico pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-01 La rendición de Breda [es] La rendición de Breda pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-01 en cuclillas [es] en cuclillas pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-01 caleidoscopio [es] caleidoscopio pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-07-01 desestabilización [es] desestabilización pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-01 Torredonjimeno [es] Torredonjimeno pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-01 Torreperogil [es] Torreperogil pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-01 Villarrobledo [es] Villarrobledo pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-01 égloga [es] égloga pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-01 insatisfactorio [es] insatisfactorio pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-01 Villacarrillo [es] Villacarrillo pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-07-01 Ejea de los Caballeros [es] Ejea de los Caballeros pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-01 Alguazas [es] Alguazas pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-01 clepsidra [es] clepsidra pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-01 avutarda [es] avutarda pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-01 Trebujena [es] Trebujena pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-06-27 me siento cansada [es] me siento cansada pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-25 Almirall [es] Almirall pronunciation 0 votes
2010-06-20 Ángel di María [es] Ángel di María pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-06-20 Aguirre [es] Aguirre pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-06-20 estadio [es] estadio pronunciation 0 votes
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Hola Yo soy Dami!
Bienvenid@ a mi perfil! ;D

Bien, qué te diré..? Me interesa mucho los diferentes idiomas y las culturas alrededor del mundo.

Estudio Arquitectura Interna, y algún día me gustaría estudiar enseñanza del español como segunda lengua.

Hi there! I'm Dami!
Welcome to my profile! ;D

Well, what I can say about me..?? :D
I love to gain knowledge about different languages ​​and cultures around the world.

I'm studying interior architecture and someday I would like to study teaching Spanish as a second language

Anyway, what else? Just send me a message! ;P

Gender: Female

Accent/country: Costa Rica

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