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2013-10-02 Piętkiewicz [pl] Piętkiewicz pronunciation By gorniak
2013-08-24 Syrophoenician [en] Syrophoenician pronunciation By dorabora
2013-04-28 plautdietsch [de] plautdietsch pronunciation By Bartleby
2013-01-21 obtuvieron [es] obtuvieron pronunciation By aitorlarumbe
2013-01-19 Adolfo Hitler [es] Adolfo Hitler pronunciation By daniserr
2013-01-05 equivalen [es] equivalen pronunciation By arnoldpinto60306
2012-12-28 movió [es] movió pronunciation By agoose
2012-12-28 desecharon [es] desecharon pronunciation By Manniafrank
2012-11-23 vs [nl] vs pronunciation By Semaja
2012-11-22 expatriado [es] expatriado pronunciation By polonia97
2012-11-20 εγείρω [el] εγείρω pronunciation By sofia88
2012-11-16 Peshitta [en] Peshitta pronunciation By trice
2012-11-07 battleground [en] battleground pronunciation By svs53
2012-11-03 Tesalónica [es] Tesalónica pronunciation By ilhui
2012-10-29 Hoe gaat ie [nl] Hoe gaat ie pronunciation By Brugmans
2012-10-29 hoe gaatie [nl] hoe gaatie pronunciation By Brugmans
2012-10-29 knul [nl] knul pronunciation By Brugmans
2012-10-06 extenuante [es] extenuante pronunciation By beatitudo
2012-01-15 beini [is] beini pronunciation By Petur75
2011-09-02 anupreet [ho] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2011-09-02 anupreet [hi] anupreet pronunciation By runningmosquito
2011-05-30 sem demora [pt] sem demora pronunciation By leonardorosa
2011-05-30 gestudeerd [nl] gestudeerd pronunciation By PalasAthena
2011-05-25 berouw [nl] berouw pronunciation By No_accent
2011-05-19 acudía [es] acudía pronunciation By NotLim
2011-03-02 Volvamos [es] Volvamos pronunciation By susa_md
2011-02-14 [zh] 邀 pronunciation By Kimwan
2011-02-10 Se faz favor [pt] Se faz favor pronunciation By FELERO
2011-01-30 Cantares [es] Cantares pronunciation By Iago2
2011-01-30 Ester [es] Ester pronunciation By EdwinGomez
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I grew up in an expat family, so I have more then one accent. I was born in Auckland, New Zealand, grew up in countless states of the USA; and pretty much have lived all over the Americas. This includes Mexico, Chile, Dutch Suriname and British Guyana.

I'm currently abroad. I've studied Dutch, Spanish, Sranan tongo, among other languages.

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