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2011-10-13 sardine [en] sardine pronunciation 3 votes
2011-10-13 onomatopoeia [en] onomatopoeia pronunciation 1 votes
2011-10-13 supercalifragilisticexpialidocious [en] supercalifragilisticexpialidocious pronunciation 0 votes
2011-10-13 Pyelonephritis [en] Pyelonephritis pronunciation 0 votes
2011-10-13 zapatos [es] zapatos pronunciation 0 votes
2011-10-12 convenciendo [es] convenciendo pronunciation 0 votes
2011-10-12 Gran Hotel [es] Gran Hotel pronunciation 0 votes
2011-10-12 convenció [es] convenció pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2011-10-12 costosas [es] costosas pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation

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holaaaa:) me llamo daisy! hahaha y soy de puerto rico. hahahahh I'm white but tan :P I'm a gringa and I speak english too! I don't look spanish at all (tengo pelo rubio) except I'm pretty tan...for a white girl. hahahaha :) ME GUSTA HELADO :D

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