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2013-10-17 exercisable [en] exercisable pronunciation By wkshimself
2011-06-12 Fergus [en] Fergus pronunciation By dorabora
2011-05-24 keogh [en] keogh pronunciation By ceruleanbill
2011-04-05 unipolar [en] unipolar pronunciation By Boreas74
2010-10-11 I.S.O. [en] I.S.O. pronunciation By Bdgreat1
2010-10-06 Elba Island [en] Elba Island pronunciation By beagle3429
2010-06-24 lockean [en] lockean pronunciation By agosta
2010-06-23 David Geggus [en] David Geggus pronunciation By JerW
2010-06-18 david brion davies [en] david brion davies pronunciation By Learn1
2010-06-13 Lyman Trumbull [en] Lyman Trumbull pronunciation By Arn_Wendt
2010-03-23 Bruno Bettelheim [en] Bruno Bettelheim pronunciation By mooncow
2009-07-09 Line Item Veto Act [en] Line Item Veto Act pronunciation By danjr
2009-07-08 British Guyana [en] British Guyana pronunciation By readd1
2009-07-08 Bricker [en] Bricker pronunciation By reeniekenn
2009-07-04 Republic of Haiti [en] Republic of Haiti pronunciation By sonatuhlee
2009-07-02 econocide [en] econocide pronunciation By gcnewsome

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