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2013-06-14 दशरथ मांझी [hi] दशरथ मांझी pronunciation By tigerman20
2012-12-21 Gunnar Heinsohn [de] Gunnar Heinsohn pronunciation By Thonatas
2012-12-06 Ċensu Tabone [mt] Ċensu Tabone pronunciation By lollylisa17
2012-12-06 Francisco Xavier do Amaral [pt] Francisco Xavier do Amaral pronunciation By MasamiK
2012-12-05 Miljan Miljanić [sr] Miljan Miljanić pronunciation By vajke
2012-11-15 Joost Meerloo [nl] Joost Meerloo pronunciation By Chann
2012-11-05 دروازه غار [fa] دروازه غار pronunciation By babaak
2012-11-05 مسگرآباد [fa] مسگرآباد pronunciation 0 votes
2012-11-05 سبزه میدان [fa] سبزه میدان pronunciation 0 votes
2012-11-05 چاله خرکشی [fa] چاله خرکشی pronunciation By Omidinist
2012-11-05 پاخط [fa] پاخط pronunciation 0 votes
2012-11-05 لاله‌زار [fa] لاله‌زار pronunciation 0 votes
2012-11-05 گود عرب‌ها [fa] گود عرب‌ها pronunciation 0 votes
2012-11-05 گود زنبورک‌خانه [fa] گود زنبورک‌خانه pronunciation 0 votes
2012-11-05 گار ماشین [fa] گار ماشین pronunciation By Omidinist
2012-11-05 قنات‌آباد [fa] قنات‌آباد pronunciation 0 votes
2012-11-05 قلعه شهر نو [fa] قلعه شهر نو pronunciation 0 votes
2012-11-05 عودلاجان [fa] عودلاجان pronunciation By babaak
2012-11-05 صابون‌پزخانه [fa] صابون‌پزخانه pronunciation By bedayah
2012-11-05 سرپولک [fa] سرپولک pronunciation By bedayah
2012-11-05 دروازه شمیران [fa] دروازه شمیران pronunciation By bedayah
2012-11-05 دروازه دولت [fa] دروازه دولت pronunciation By bedayah
2012-11-05 دروازه قزوین [fa] دروازه قزوین pronunciation By bedayah
2012-11-05 درخونگاه [fa] درخونگاه pronunciation By bedayah
2012-11-05 خانی‌آباد [fa] خانی‌آباد pronunciation By babaak
2012-11-05 چاله‌میدان [fa] چاله‌میدان pronunciation By bedayah
2012-11-05 چاله‌حصار [fa] چاله‌حصار pronunciation By bedayah
2012-11-05 پاقاپق [fa] پاقاپق pronunciation By Omidinist
2012-11-05 پاچنار [fa] پاچنار pronunciation By babaak
2012-11-04 گاومیش [fa] گاومیش pronunciation 0 votes
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