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Date Word Pronunciation Info
2014-08-25 פרושים [he] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-08-17 Rinaldo Victor De Lamare [pt] Rinaldo Victor De Lamare pronunciation By caiorossi
2014-08-06 Percy Fawcett [en] Percy Fawcett pronunciation By Kay_USA
2014-08-06 José Plácido de Castro [pt] José Plácido de Castro pronunciation By wslymczalbr
2014-08-06 Wilhelm von Reichenau [de] Wilhelm von Reichenau pronunciation By Bartleby
2014-07-23 secutor [la] secutor pronunciation By gardanus
2014-07-23 retiarius [la] retiarius pronunciation By gardanus
2014-07-23 murmillo [la] murmillo pronunciation By dorabora
2014-07-23 Thraex [la] Thraex pronunciation By sicerabibax
2014-07-23 dimachaerus [la] dimachaerus pronunciation By sicerabibax
2014-05-23 James Clark Ross [en] James Clark Ross pronunciation By RuningSnail
2014-05-10 Xênia Bier [pt] Xênia Bier pronunciation By guian
2014-04-23 Joe Farman [en] Joe Farman pronunciation By RobertStates
2014-04-22 Hans Holbein der Jüngere [de] Hans Holbein der Jüngere pronunciation By Bartleby
2014-04-20 Giovanni Battista Gisleni [it] Giovanni Battista Gisleni pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2014-04-12 Otto Loewi [de] Otto Loewi pronunciation By Bartleby
2014-04-12 Henry Hallett Dale [en] Henry Hallett Dale pronunciation By gwdihw
2014-04-10 Robert Ballard [en] Robert Ballard pronunciation By npcarey
2014-04-04 Carlos Miranda [pt] Carlos Miranda pronunciation By WinnerSan
2014-03-28 Publius Helvius Pertinax [la] Publius Helvius Pertinax pronunciation By Frankie
2014-02-24 Osmar Santos [pt] Osmar Santos pronunciation By Fredkochem
2014-02-17 Raymond Dart [en] Raymond Dart pronunciation By AgentKitten
2014-02-17 Yves Coppens [fr] Yves Coppens pronunciation By franskagud
2014-02-17 Maurice Taieb [fr] Maurice Taieb pronunciation By franskagud
2014-02-17 Donald Johanson [en] Donald Johanson pronunciation By chicaleek
2014-02-17 André Leroi-Gourhan [fr] André Leroi-Gourhan pronunciation By franskagud
2014-02-17 Annette Laming-Emperaire [fr] Annette Laming-Emperaire pronunciation By franskagud
2014-02-17 יתרו [he] יתרו pronunciation By sicerabibax
2014-02-11 Nikka Costa [en] Nikka Costa pronunciation By RobertStates
2014-02-10 William G. Morgan [en] William G. Morgan pronunciation By maidofkent
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